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Summer Solstice was HOT here too

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The summer solstice this year was on June 20th.   It was a very hot day pretty much everywhere including here in the Northeast Kingdom where it reached 92.  Thank goodness those temperatures didn’t last here the way they seem to have everywhere else.

To beat the heat, I was out early to get some nature time in the Town Forest.  I love the fact that many towns in Vermont and perhaps in other states in New England have a “town forest”, land set aside in its natural state right in town for people to hike and in some cases bike.

The Moose River, which flows behind Winnona at the campground,  is much larger by the time it flows past the town forest and I could see it on the blue trail. 

Although I hiked a total of nearly 5 miles, the blue trail is the only one I’m writing about.  From the parking lot you head down hill.


It can get very muddy after a rain.  But the recent heat has dried things up.



I’m so surprised that I took no videos of the lovely sounds of the water rushing along.



As I walked down from the trail to this rock ledge over the water for some pictures, I wondered what this large ring anchored into the stone was or had been for.   Any ideas??


I walked out to the end of the ledge to take some shots of this beautiful river.



At current higher water levels, it would be a nice kayak if it weren’t for obstacles like this.



I know, a lot of water pictures.


Another save you from the mud boardwalk.  Glad there wasn’t any but I’ve been here when it was very muddy indeed.


At this point the blue trail heads up up up away from the water and  leads into the pink trail whose sign is green.  LOVE IT!



20240623_112130I had hoped to have a whole day celebration outside where a Solstice Celebration belongs, but it was just too hot and humid.  So I opted for an airconditioned movie and its popcorn. 

Problem was, these were the 4 movies available at the local St J. theater where I had happily seen Oppenheimer last year and unhappily seen Barbie.

The Bikeriders-R (crime drama about a motorcycle gang),  too violent for me.

 The Watchers-PG 13 (supernatural horror film) not my cup of tea,

Inside Out 2-PG  (animated follow up to the original) hadn’t seen the original

The Garfield Movie-PG  (animated adventure based on the comic strip) how bad could it be?

If you’ve seen any of these, please comment and tell me what you thought.

I’m sure you know which one I chose.

Garfield it was and that should tell you all you need to know about how hot it was given that I’m not a movie goer in the first place although the senior matinee  price of $5 here at the Starlight takes away my main objection to movies and concerts too for that matter.  (I won’t do my soapbox on why so many are willing to pay so much for movies, concerts and sporting events when if they would not, prices would go down.)  I did pay more than that for the popcorn. 

My other objection to movies is that there isn’t often anything worth seeing.  Garfield was not horrible although having my grandchildren here to watch this with me would have made it much more worth while.  

But the poster was orange and yellow and this is my Summer Solstice Celebration.
One of my less remarkable ones for sure.



  1. Yay! We guessed Garfield and we were right! We know nothing about what movies are out there these days and we’re ok with that!! We would have chosen the orange guy as well! Here’s to Garfield!

  2. All I'm going to say is that 3rd picture of the walkway over the water, wow, lol.
    I kind of knew you'd take Garfield when reading the titles, same here...
    As for the hook, I'd guess there's one on the other side of the river and once connected, people and supplies can easily traverse despite the current. My guess anyways...I'd do it! ;)

    1. Love your thinking about the hook thanks Shayne.

  3. I just took 3 of my grandkids to see Despicable Me 4 at the movie theater yesterday. It had me on the edge of my seat...snoring. Something about a cool, dark place and a reclining seat always seems to invite some ZZZs for me. I guess I got my monies worth with that little nap! Don't ask me what the movie was about, though... :cD

    1. You are a great grandpa Paul even if you do fall asleep...

  4. Such a difference from last year's flooding, but much nicer for hiking along the river. Love all that fast, bubbling water. Are you getting a lot of bugs? They're the biggest deterrent for me in those environments. I think you would have liked Inside Out 2 better than Garfield, but alas you got out of the humidity and had some popcorn! We just saw Horizon in the theater and I loved every minute of the 3 hours.

    1. I'm so none aware I've never heard of Horizon. Lots of folks from our West ask me about bugs. They aren't actually all over the East Coast. Very rare here thankfully.

  5. I love seeing the pictures of rushing water. It's getting so dry here that I fear the streams in the Shenandoah will soon be a slow drag. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I just can't believe the heat and drought you all have had there. And for so long and in June. I'll try to put some more rushing water pictures in my blogs for you.

  6. Summer certainly came in with the heat this year. Glad you got outside some by that lovely water. The movie was a great option. Love those poster color and that $5 price!

    1. Thanks for your comment sweetheart. The $5 price was the best although I know Colin & Celia would have loved the movie.

  7. Beautiful water pics. I can hear it just by looking at it :) We don't go to movies anymore, since before Covid. Wait until they come on streaming services at home. No rowdy kids, etc. Was hoping to see your Summer Solstice cake, but probably too hot to make!

    1. Thank you Laurie, I'm glad you liked the water. There will be more in future blogs and they will have some sound. It really made me smile that you remember the Solstice cake. Those were the days when the 3 of us baked and celebrated. I could have made it to share with the folks at the campground but as you have rightly pointed out, it was way too hot to run the oven in such a small space for 35 min.

  8. That might be the most original summer solstice celebration I have ever heard of. The creek/river/waterfalls were lovely as always. Those town forests are part of what my friend Jeanne's husband has been involved in for many years. He is a consulting forester for private and city forests in the state of Vermont. Much of the health of Vermont forests are due to his work.

  9. Haven't been to a movie theatre in decades, and that's OK by me. The water trail looks great. ~Gaelyn

  10. I rented the "Bikers" on Prime cuz i wanted to see austin butler.. and would NOT recommend... throughout my life i hve seen many 'biker" movies and this one was just not very good i thought. not really even tht violent, compared to some of the others, made in the 60's, 70's about the 60's... it was just dumb and disappointing.
    That flooding looked scary.. thought u were brave in staying there, but then i guess where would u have gone?


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