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Finally, Blowing Rock

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Spruce Pine, North Carolina

Blowing Rock North Carolina is one of the little towns I wanted to visit but as you may have read, I tried once before, got rained out and ended up at the movies in nearby Boone.   But today, I made it and had dinner there.

But first a hike on the  Glen Burney Trail.  56 minutes and 34 miles to get there.  There are two falls off this trail, Glen Burney and Glen Marie.  At this point of distance, I’m not sure which was which and googling it didn’t help me clarify as all the pictures said Glen Burney Trail and both the falls that I saw were also labeled Glen Burney.  So I’ll just show them in the order I saw them and if you take the trail you can figure it out for yourself.

The trail began wide as a road and gentle.


Shortly it began to descend and passed a cement structure which after I hiked further down I learned was a former wastewater treatment plant.


There was a sign calling it “The Ruins” with a date of 1929.  Based on the size of this treatment plant there obviously wasn’t a lot of waste water to treat then.


I’d already crossed this creek twice when the 3rd crossing provided a footbridge.



The trail became the familiar very rocky path.


I passed what I thought was the falls but a sign, that I was wise enough to take a picture of, told me it  was called the “cascade”.   It was easier to get both pictures and this video of “the cascades” than of the first of the actual falls.




My photographs at the first falls were disappointing.   I could not get the angle the waterfall book author had.

And as I am now in Florida and do not have the North Carolina Waterfall book with me, can’t check his picture to see if this is Glen Marie or Glen Burney.
A BIG problem of not taking pictures of all signs and of writing months after you’ve actually done the hike.   The hike was August 18 and today is November 7th.



I found that I liked the second falls better just because I could get better looks at it.  It was so sweet but doesn’t look anywhere near as high as the first falls though the  waterfall book claimed they were the same height.   I got better pictures and this 15 second s video which you can see here. 


Rocky trail out.


The hike took 2 hours.  Because of the rainforest rain around here it was of course muddy and rocky.  Don’t go without a pole.   But do go.

I went on into Blowing Rock, such a darling town with flowers everywhere.

First I put my name on the list for a table at The Speckled Trout.  I felt like I really should have trout here in the mountains of North Caroling.

They took my name and said they would text me when my table was ready.  So I walked around town and stopped in at the library.  A very common thing for me to do.




I was still in the library when I got the text and went back to the restaurant where I wished I had asked for a table outside instead of “first available”



I ended up at a table right behind the host desk in the bar area.  But the cracker crusted trout was good.  I had it with collar greens and beets with goat cheese, yogurt and pumpkin seeds. I would definitely return and sit outside– assuming I had time.

Since there was a Kilwin’s ice cream in Blowing Rock, I meandered my way though town on my way there for dessert which I really didn’t need.

I have always had tremendous envy for painters.


How I would love for my hands to be able to recreate what my eyes can see.  Notice the harpist.  She was there playing today.


I’m finding it more and more lonely to be traveling and hiking alone all the time and especially when I try to take a decent selfie.  I don’t look like I”m enjoying this coconut crunch and Traverse City Cherry ice cream cone but I really am.


After that little bit of gluttony I continued my walk around town.  I listened to the busking harpist the artist had been painting.   The artist is there on the left.


There really were flowers everywhere, in the yards of every home, church, and business.

And for several blocks of the main street edging the park.  The hanging baskets you can see here were also all along both sides of Main Street on nearly every lamp post.   I wonder who takes care of all this beauty?   Landscape businesses must be booming.





  1. Beautiful little American town. Thanks for showing it

    1. You are so welcome Tom. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Lovely town beautiful waterfalls great flowers! I must say that after a time all the trails start to look the same. Something about those green tunnels, thick verdant forests, and not a lot of views, except for the waterfalls of course. After our eastern sojourn I am really appreciating the open views of the west. I do so wish you could find a hiking buddy or a traveling buddy, even for part of the time. Still thinking it might be nice for you and Gaelyn to figure that out. Or someone similar. There must be hiking traveling groups you could connect with with a bit of effort. I know it is hard, but hopefully better than this ongoing loneliness. Thinking of you again.

    1. Thanks so much for thinking of me Sue. Perhaps there really are two kinds of folks. The ones who love to live among the trees and those who want the wide open spaces.

  3. As always, awesome hikes and trails...lovely town, your post makes me want to visit there! I like Sue's idea of finding a hiking groups. Maybe consult Facebook page for a local town as far as a hiking group or interest group? I know there are traveling groups for singles. There was one I used to belong to that you'd "check in" when you got to a park, and other friendly people would say hi, and occasionally stop by our site to introduce themselves. Can't remember the name of it right now, I will try to think of it.

    1. Thanks Jeannie. It's hard to connect when you are only at a place for 2 weeks. My first two month stay made that a lot easier.

  4. I love little towns that put landscape flowers in their budget. It always makes me smile :)

    1. I agree Laurie. Wouldn't it be lovely if every town had such lovely hanging flowers and flower lined streets as Blowing Rock. I think it would be worth it for the town since it would make visitors and residents smile.

  5. Glad you could have a such a great meal (and a good book, I presume?)

    1. The book was called Belgravia and written by the man who wrote Downton Abbey. It was good. Wish I knew who you were.

  6. Lovely hike. I enjoyed the videos. Very cute town too. It's lovely when a town puts thought and money into their landscaping. I'm also jealous of talented visual artists. That ice cream looks so worth it! Big cone. Big scoop. Yummy!! 😋 Wish you could find a companion or even just someone with similar interests you'd like to hike with... it's a tough balance between too much togetherness and not enough. Love you.

    1. Glad you liked to videos Sweetheart. It was a darling town with yummy ice cream. The balance is a good point. You know me well. I love you too, thissssssssssssssssssss much!!

  7. I have to give kudos to those folks that carried all that wood used in that bridge up that trail. Good people doing good things. Glad you got to use the bridge.

    1. Thank you for reminding me Paul that every wonderful bridge was built by probably a group of volunteers. I sure benefit!

  8. Love the pictures of the waterfalls and trails - thanks for sharing. That area is so beautiful. It's been many years since we visited Blowing Rock. Would love to go back there next time we visit NC.

    1. I'd like to stay somewhere even nearer Blowing Rock another summer it's just such a sweet town.

  9. I do love the waterfalls but to a desert rat those rocky trails look treacherous. The lunch and ice cream look delish. As a solo RVer I enjoy the solitude but will admit to sometimes missing company.

  10. I'm so glad you loved Blowing Rock! I was taken with the beautiful flowers downtown, too. And we enjoyed a similar lunch at the Speckled Trout, which was absolutely delicious. As your other friends here have said, I hope you will somehow find people to connect with more in your travels to share in your adventures. Hugs to you, my friend.

  11. I've been going to Blowing Rock since I was a child and have often looked at this trailhead, but it is a trail I've never done. Maybe I can coerce my friend who lives in Boone to do it with me one of these days.

  12. Although I wouldn't have seen the beautiful trails, I'm still so bummed that I didn't get to enjoy more of the NC mountains and small towns. Love the library and that ice cream looks scrumptious. How fun to see artists at their craft right on the sidewalk.


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