Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Another Visitor-Lucky Me!

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Bill and Jodee pulled out of Stony Fork at 10:30 on Thursday morning and Mary Grant, my friend from Charlottesville arrived at 1:30 to stay with me for a few days.   We had planned this some time ago, before Jodee let me know they would be in the area. But there is no such thing as too many friends.  I’m sorry they didn’t overlap, they would like each other.

Mary is such an easy house guest.  She comes with food, snacks and settles in easily.   She took up a spot for reading on my patio while I finished posting a blog and then we went for a walk around the Nature Trail and the campground.  Her drive was about 200 miles, the same one I’ll make when I return after leaving Stony Fork.  The hike was just enough for her to stretch her legs.

On the Nature Trail, she’s pointing out the 7 Sisters Trail, we hiked some of that one the next day.


Today we went back to the Nature Trail and then on to the 7 Sisters


It turned out to be longer, rougher and steeper than we’d expected.  We knew we couldn’t go the entire way unless we took one car to the other end which is 7 miles away.   So we turned around and planned our afternoon.

This is my one fungi picture from the trail.  When I have a companion, I apparently don’t take as many photographs.  Too busy chatting I expect.


For the afternoon we drove into Wytheville where we did not have any of Skeeter’s World Famous Hot Dogs.


And we did not get to visit the Edith Wilson (wife of Woodrow) Birthplace as it is closed on Friday.   Huh???


But we did get to see the world’s biggest pencil.



And pick up pizza for dinner from Moon Dog Pizza though we ate it before I thought to get any pictures.


From there we drove to Big Walker Lookout where we had ice cream and it was very good.

These are somewhat better pictures than I took when Jodee and I were here.
Easier to see the lay of the land with the Country Store behind the swinging bridge which is over the parking lot.  I still would not trust that bridge.


I think nearly every spot in Virginia has a civil war battle sign.  Walker Mountain is no exception.   This sign proclaims the Battle of Wytheville.


At least the ice cream looks great in this picture even if neither of us do.


Mary’s was butter pecan and mine was some sort of cherry.  I forget exactly but I remember it was so good we came back the next day.


I took these pictures of folks who paid $8 each to walk on the swinging bridge.



These two actually climbed the tower.  She went all the way to the top.  He didn’t get much further than half way before heading back down.  That’s her at the top in the picture on the right.   I bet the view is fantastic from there which of course is the whole point.





We hung around the campground and chatted on Saturday.  There is no end of talking we can do and laughing.

Had lunch at the picnic table and tried again to take a selfie. 

Not too bad of Mary and the lower half of my face.   Toooo funny!! 

In the afternoon we drove over to Rural Retreat Lake.  I wanted to check it out for kayaking and there was a trail that went around the lake.


The trail started out gravel but became dirt very shortly.


We saw the wild flowers of fall.







But this was my favorite flower of the day.


Almost looks as though these trees were planted in a row.   ??????


Of course, in the woods we saw mushrooms.   Interesting top, interesting stem.


I assume these are some sort of puff ball.  They made me think of “3 pretty maids all in a row”


If this isn’t called a leopard mushroom, it should be.


We arrived at the dam.  After we’d crossed it on the narrow trail,  Mary decided she was ready to turn back. 


We walked up to the top and I followed her across.


From this spot we could see some of the lovely country side in southwest Virginia.
It was such a beautiful day.


Actually I think we were both anxious to go back and have ice cream one…..more….time at the Walker Mountain Country Store.  

And so we did.  But no more pictures.   It was our last day together as Mary left the next morning.  You know you have a very good friend if she will drive nearly 400  miles round trip to spend a few days with you and Winnona.


  1. Very nice of her to meet you there. Ice cream looked wonderful!

    1. It was wonderful of her and as Carrie pointed out, ice cream THREE times.

  2. Hot dogs, pizza, ice cream. No wonder the tower is such a tourist attraction: you can either climb it to work up an appetite, or to work off calories from what you’ve eaten.

    Smart marketing, eh?

    Regardless, ya had a good time. That’s what’s important. 👍🏽

    1. Definitely good times. But $8 to work off the junk food? I would like to have seen the view though.

  3. It’s so wonderful when good friends can get together. Lovely visit and a lovely friend.

  4. Mary sounds like a wonderful friend. Loved the photo of you two at the picnic table! Clearly you were having a great time. :-))

    1. Our selfies were horrid but we were definitely having fun.

  5. Loved the blue sky and all that green in those last photos. Nice to have friends visit. For us it often happens that way, with visits within days of each other for friends that only come by every other year or so. How does that happen. As I mentioned in my email, I would be folks are busy with TG and still trying to catch up on blog posts. Maybe comments will show up later. Maybe not. I have a trusty few, less than half a dozen. No clue why that is because I do know that people are reading.

    1. It is so interesting that all the visits were in the last 3 weeks of a 3.5 month trip.

  6. Ice cream 3 times!! I could definitely see us doing that if I was visiting! How wonderful of Mary to come. A true friend. Your walks looked lovely and I'm sure there was no end of talking. Very nice to feel that kind of comfort with a friend. Those trees in a row. Hmm? Did they really just grow like that? And, my, that is a large pencil! I bet it gets its picture taken a lot!

    1. Yes, the walker ice cream is a highlight of the area. Trees in a row is not something Mother Nature normally does. That pencil was so silly.

  7. Looks like a great time with Mary! Yes to ice cream and no no no to the swinging bridge and climbing up that tower! I like the jewelweed. The trails look peaceful- xxxooo

    1. The jewelweed is really lovely. Wish you had come for ice cream too. One more guest would have been fine.

  8. We only managed to have ice cream once when I visited. We'll have to fix that next time! Bill & I happened upon the Walker Lookout once in our travels and we also opted not to venture across the swinging bridge although I would've loved to have gone up in the tower.

    1. Yes, the more ice cream the better although I'm sure that's not true for the body's inflammation rate. I would love to have seen the views from the top of the tower but I just could not bring myself to pay $8 to climb up there.

  9. Good thing you passed on those hotdogs because a recent scientific survey found that for every hotdog you eat, you shorten your life by 36 seconds. If that is true, I should have died 10 years ago!
    Thankfully, they didn't study ice cream... :cD

    1. Just love your comments Paul. They always make me smile. Please don't find an ice cream study or pizza.

    2. I'm done reading food studies. Ignorance is bliss! :cD

  10. I think the bridge across the parking lot in front of the store is pretty cool, although I would've tried it...😉
    Ice cream and returning for 2nds huh, why am I not surprised...especially since we do the same thing usually...😁


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