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The Rains Came and So Did the 3 C’s

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Greenfield Mountain Farm

It started raining on my way home from Crystal Springs and rained all night long. It took a break on Friday so I could let things dry out and put them away for moving thankfully.  Nothing worse than putting things away wet especially if you aren’t getting them right back out at the next stop.  Then rained all day and night on Saturday.   When there is too much rain here the low lying areas, like where the campground road goes over the creek/river will flood.   Here’s what it looked like on the road just to the right of my campsite.


Luckily there are huge culverts under the road so this rushing water has somewhere to go other than over the road.   But the culverts are having a hard time keeping up.  As you can see, the water is up to the edge of the blacktop.  Normally it is down a foot or two. 



I was of course trapped inside watching the creek rise.  At one point it did get slightly over the road but the campground host had come around earlier and told us we were in for some heavy rain from whatever system was south of us.  He said they would notify us of any need to evacuate.


Luckily the water had gone down by early afternoon on Sunday when I had to leave to drive back to the farm.


What a shock when I got back and found the power had been out for several days and everything outside looked like a jungle.  Welcome back!

It was overwhelming how over grown it was and I took not one picture.  Apparently the rains I experienced at Stony Fork and on the way to the farm had been going on for months here.

Shannon came and beat it all back over the following week.

20220729_161939I finally found a mobile RV tech that would come from the Shenandoah Valley to the farm and he fixed multiple things including replacing  my back bedroom slide topper which had torn off when I left Riverbend at the end of July, my water pressure gauge, the 30 amp plug on my electric cord among other odds and ends.   How fantastic to have someone who can come here and do things on “the house” part of the RV.  I guess that is one benefit of the huge influx of new RVers.   I sure miss David who would have happily done all of these though the topper does require two people.

Jerry and his assistant cut the topper fabric and somehow get it up on the roller.



The last week-end in September, Carrie and the kids came for a visit.  I cannot believe I took no pictures of any of our meals together but I did get some of our celebrating Colin’s 4th birthday (the actual date was September 1st but Nana was in Stony Fork).

It’s the birthday boy and his mommy on one of the two outdoor swings.

And then the fun part – presents.

Always go for the biggest one first – right?

Colin is a big Curious George fan and this was such a darling spontaneous hug for George.  I’m sorry I cut off Carrie’s head.


I gave him George and two of his books which had to be read immediately.


What a face.


The other two gifts I got this outside boy took a back seat to George.

Audubon BirdsBackyard birds book

And no birthday party is complete without cake and ice cream.  In this case cupcakes with rainbow candies on top and rainbow ice cream.   Both were big hits.   Having the eats outside is fantastic.  Saves cleaning up.  Just brush the crumbs off the table onto “the floor”.



And then it’s time for some races around the house with wagon and wheelbarrow.  All toys at Nana’s house were once Carrie’s.   I now realize how unusual she was in how well she took care of her things.

Definitely nice to have a little brother to push you on the porch swing.


Sleeping arrangements have Colin on the hide-a-bed in the den.   So the next morning this was some version of hide from mommy under the bed game.

Colin playing with his mom’s blocks from 40 years ago trying to see how tall a tower he could build.  Wooden Blocks are what toys should be – they don’t break, go out of style or need batteries and have no creativity limiting  instructions or rules.   Mom is supervising but not helping.

Build it up tall and then knock it down has been happening for generations.  Look at that face just before the tumble.

Meanwhile, Celia gets tired of watching and takes Nana upstairs to play with her mom’s Cabbage Patch dolls,  Alley Cat doll and bags of doll clothes.  Notice the crib, the bunk beds and the little canopy bed all left from Carrie’s days of playing in this room.

Of course everybody changes clothes multiple times and takes numerous naps.

I think we’re going to have to go to the park to get this girl out of her pajamas.

IMG_4184 - Copy

The park has the usual playground equipment but the first thing they want to do is slide on the skateboard ramps.   No skateboarders means it’s OK.  Colin is all over it.  Celia much more cautious.

IMG_4186 - Copy

But if you are six and your brother just turned 4, well you have to do it too.

It’s good that she has Colin to encourage her when she’s just a bit afraid.

I didn’t think to take this video until all the screaming and yelling was over.  Carrie is reading from a poster of an upcoming event at the park and the kids are having “races”.   

Nana slides too.

IMG_4192 - Copy

Notice who is climbing up the steeper slide.

IMG_4194 - Copy

The 3 C’s go hands up!

IMG_4195 - Copy

Skate boarders show up so it’s back to the playground.  This teeter totter is very heavy duty and requires comparable weights so Nana helps.

The genuine laughter here can be heard on this short video.

IMG_4198 - Copy

Mommy plays too.  I snapped this with her facing forward but. . .  another really short video, like 5 seconds, will show how this thing works.  Although I’m not sure you can see her shifting her weight to make it spin.


Even George gets to play.  Colin pushes him in the baby swing.

There are two play structures at the park.  This one has become some sort of fast food restaurant today.


The customer sits to order.


A dirty face is always a sign of a very good time.


No pictures of the dinner food only of the clean up crew.

Sadly the day comes when  they have to leave to drive home for school and work tomorrow.   Celia has learned to play part of Mary had a little lamb and is quite proud of herself.  Check it out.


We take a last hike in the woods where it is difficult to get these two to stop running around and pose for pictures.    Check out the faces.  First on Celia and then on Colin.



Nana and her reluctant grandchildren.



Always sorry to see them go.  Always wish they lived closer.  I might stay at the farm more if they did.   And that wraps up September.  On to October next time.  Getting closer to real time.


  1. Never noticed before just how much Carrie looks like you. Glad youa re home safe in spite of all the rain and overgrowth. Another season comes to an end and a new one begins. Lots of fun birthday photos.

    1. How nice Sue. Mothers always love to be told that their daughters looked like them. Thanks.

  2. Just curious if the kids are aware of and understand your nomadic lifestyle. Have they shown any interest in Winnona, like wanting to play around inside or have an overnight slumber-type party ……
    Have you cooked and served meals for them in your RV kitchen?

    1. No to all of the above although I do not know why. For many years she was not in the barn yard so she didn't come up.

  3. I'll bet the kids would love a short RV trip when they get a little older. Love that Celia is learning to play the piano. Colin is growing up fast too!

    1. I'm sure you are right Laurie. Thanks for the comment. Hope you and George have a great holiday.

  4. I just love your commentary! You have a gift with words. —former English teacher, Patty

    1. Patty would a lovely compliment. Thank you so much. And thanks for letting me know who you are.

  5. What a lovely tableau of your time together.

    1. Thanks Judilyn. Tableau is a great word. We had a fun time.

  6. Love all the pictures of our time together. We can't wait to see you again soon! I'm sure the kids will love the RV at some point when they can sit still a bit better. Lol, especially Colin 😀

    1. Yes, I agree. The pictures of Colin with George are especially sweet. 12 days!!!

  7. I think I need to start a Go-Fund-Me site so I can get you all skate boards. It's a shame to have such a nice park built for skating and all you had to use on it was the seat of your pants! :cD

    1. We'll pass on the skateboards Paul. We had a great time on the seat of our pants.

  8. Wow, the farm is such a fabulous place for the kids to visit! I love that you have all of Carrie's toys for them to play with, and such a wonderful outdoor space for them to run and eat cupcakes, LOL. You're providing lots of great memories for them. So many fun photos of your darling grandkids. And I agree with Sue, I've always thought Carrie looks so much like you! ❤️

  9. So fun to have the family visit. The kids grow so fast.

  10. Looks like Curious George was a big hit. Love Colin hugging him and pushing him on the swing! Carrie's toys are great- the little beds and the Alley cat is so cute. We don't have many of the kids' toys. We did have some duplo blocks and we have some stuffed animals. Very flattering picture of you and the kids! xxxooo

  11. Glad we missed all that rain!! The grands are getting so big as they all seem to do. It's wonderful they have the heritage of the family farm to visit and explore and play like their momma did.

  12. I always love your posts when Carrie comes to visit or when you visit her. Time goes by so quickly - can't believe we've been blog friends since before Carrie was married or both of those children were born!

  13. Getting to play with her mom's blocks form her childhood is just awesome. Totally agree with your comments on that one!


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