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October From Start to Finish

October 1-31, 2022                                                        Most Recent Posts:
Greenfield Mountain Farm            The Rains Came and So Did the Three C’s
& Charlottesville Virginia                    Crystal Springs Recreation Area

20221003_155452This post is a first.  It’s going to cover an entire month.  After 11 years on the road and returning to Virginia every spring and/or fall.  I’ve covered this and what I do here many many times as those of you who have followed David and I know.

This year’s October began with a power outage at the farm which I discovered after pulling into the barnyard after a long drive.  Unfortunately for me, I am at the end of a power line that goes over a mountain.  So if any tree falls anywhere, I lose my power.   The only real problem other than inconvenience is the food in the freezer which I had to leave in Winnona where the propane refrig can keep it cold and frozen.  Thank goodness for Winnona.

20221003_155503And it rained AGAIN and for days in a row which is probably why these mushrooms abound.  I wish I knew if they were edible. 

There was a low of 37 degrees the first week of the month.  That’s getting mighty close to freezing.  You can see why I’m making short shrift of October.

But the weather did improve back into highs in the 70’s and lows in the 50’s thankfully.  Unfortunately, it went back and forth.



The highlight in Charlottesville was all the Halloween decorations.  Some folks go all out.  I’ll sprinkle some of the good ones throughout this post. 

These two were the sporting skeletons.


A dog and a rat??


I spent most of my time here this month dealing with the problem of increasing insurance.  It’s getting out of my price range especially Winnona.   I did the requisite medical, dental, dermatology and eye appointments.   The older you get, the more often they want to see you.  So far it’s only twice a year but if I go west, I’ll have to fly.


I caught this glimpse of my neighbors from my bedroom 2nd story porch.  They were hanging around in the mowed area along the farm lane.  The fields were mowed shortly after that which I suspect they liked very much.


One very sad thing happened this month.  I sold the 1985 Chevy S-10 pick up.  The best truck ever made I think.  It was still running great but I’m not here to use it enough.    I sold it for $500 and wonder if that was too little for such a great antique.  What do you think?

I hope it has a wonderful rest of its life and I know I will miss it.   It was like saying good bye to a dear and valued friend who has faithfully had your back for 36 years.  Not to mention that every time I looked at it I could see David driving it to cut and load firewood or any of a million other chores.   Very sad to see it go.


It’s fun to walk through the neighborhoods in Charlottesville and see the creativity.  I’ll bet Christmas here is quite something as well.



The fields were cut finally.  Ever since the death of our wonderful neighbor who raised cattle, I have been unable to find anyone to cut and bale the hay even if I give it to them.  Everyone does those huge cylinder rolls rather than the nice bales of yesteryear.   So it just gets the bushhog which I have to pay for and grows thicker by the year.


Looks all neat and tidy once it is mowed.



Laurie and I had our book discussion and lunch at Carter’s Mountain Orchard.  You can just see the apple cider donuts at the bottom of the picture.  It’s great to do this in person instead of on facetime.  We were discussing Daphne du Maurier’s The House on the Strand.


That’s Charlottesville in the distance from the top of Carter’s Mountain.  It waited until we left to start raining.


These folks win the prize for the best Halloween show.    The decorations are put all around their vegetable and flower gardens.  All over their yard.  And on their house.





Their Halloween decorations seem to get more detailed every year.  It is amazing.


Notice the wicked witch’s legs in the back.  And the spider web.



Look out!!!


This is not the farm’s scarecrow.  It’s me in my work clothes.  I spend a lot of time in them here.


Winnona in the barnyard at sunset.


We celebrated Pam’s birthday 3 weeks early since I will be in Florida on the actual date.

Her gifts were two books about dogs.  She is the world’s #1 dog lover.


But my favorite gift was from  the Mast General Store in North Carolina where I found this metal hanging of one of her favorite sayings.  Though in my opinion there are few people’s problems that get this designation.   She is one of the kindest and most generous people I’ve ever known.  Always looking out for others.


Clearly when the frost is on the ground, it’s time to head south.


Next post is from Florida as I leave the frost covered fields behind.



  1. The farm is so beautiful yet I understand why you leave for better weather.

    1. Someday I won't be able to avoid the heat and the cold so I do it while I can.

  2. I certainly love when you get to the farm. Such a lovely property. Although I'm not a huge Halloween fan, I love that people in the east always are so clever in their decorations. Out here in California it's all about the inflatable things, not so clever.

    1. Thank you Laurie. I love the farm and am not sure how I could ever sell it.

  3. Florida! You are there!! That is a happy thought, and I am imagining you on a beach somewhere and hopefully you have a beachfront site and a view. Love the mowed pasture, looks so lovely. Well meadow not pasture since nothing is in there eating the grass I guess. I LOVE the halloween decorations and plan to steal two of them. Want to do those circling witches and the scary guy in the pallet. Saving the photos for next year to remind me. Travel safe and enjoy Florida!

    1. Steal away Sue. No beach front for me for the first time since we started full timing. I was lucky to get a stretch of 2 weeks at any state parks. It is like winning the lottery.

  4. Your recommendation for winner of first prize for Halloween decorating is an excellent choice! I’m still LOL at the “Man In the Pallet”, an image I will probably never forget!!

    Prior to seeing this creation, I was always amused at the one where a riding mower was run over a skeleton and the bones were scattered out the deck chute onto the lawn.

    People are soooo creative. I love it!

    It’s indeed unfortunate that as we get older, everything becomes more expensive as our income lessens and savings dwindles. Parting with, out of necessity, possessions which have become dear to us is always stressful and especially sad. And so it goes……we deal with it, and life goes on. In the end, it’s a summary of cliches. No?

    I remember the S-10 from my only visit, and recall how much you two enjoyed its being an integral part of the farm. It might be gone, but the memories will always remain, eh?

    Anyhoo, looking forward to your November entry….

    1. Love your comments Jody. Life as a summary of cliches seems too bleak. Yes memories remain at least for a while. LOL!

  5. Beautiful photos! You live in a very pretty place.

    1. Thank you Flowergirl. It is a wonderful place. If I could just get the weather to stay between say 50 and 75, it would be perfect.

  6. I love the view of the farm from the upstairs porch. I think that is my favorite part of the house. Walking around with you seeing the Halloween decorations was fun. The decoration with the person squished under the pallet is horrifying. The view from Carter's Mountain is lovely! I understand you feeling sad about the truck. I cried when I gave up my teal Windstar van. Love the photo of the frost on the fields and the beautiful sky.

    1. Thanks Pam. It's wonderful to have shared all this with you in person.

  7. I understand how you hated to see your truck go, but it's better than letting it sit and rust away. I had to let my 89 Jeep Comanche pickup go when we hit the road fulltime back in 2011. It was so handy for so many chores. Since we bought our house in 2016, I've been looking for another little truck but it seems now the ones that I've found for sale are gold plated. So I'm still using my ever faithful Honda Element for my carry all items. It's so handy and worth more to me even if it's not gold plated. ;c)

    1. Your comment about rust is exactly why I sold it. But it was very sad. To buy a used truck these days is almost impossible. They are SO used there isn't much life left in them. Mine was still running great which was a reason I hated to sell it. Wish I'd asked more.

  8. I've decided to get caught up in reverse this time :-) Love, love all the Halloween decorations, especially the great house at the end with the circle of witches! I'm afraid our wind wouldn't let me do something like that. I so love those views of the farm, even with the frost. You'll feel better knowing the pickup isn't sitting alone in the weather anymore so any price was the right one.

    1. You are such a wonderful commenter.....getting caught up. So sweet. I hope the truck will be happy in its new home. I know it must have missed David. I thought of you when I saw that circle of witches. I knew you'd love it. Those folks are so creative.

  9. Those views at your farm are just gorgeous! You made me laugh with your comment "that's not a scarecrow, that's me in my work clothes," 😂😂 I know it must have been hard to let go of David's truck, but it's really good that it went to a new home where it can be used. You will always have the memories, and now it's not just rusting and sad. Great job on making October into one post!

    1. Glad me and my work clothes could make you laugh. Wish I could do November like October but I don't think that's happening.

  10. I certainly hope to have the privilege of visiting that farm at some point. It just screams peace and serenity (although, to you, it probably also screams works and lots of money!) After Bill died, the three things which were hardest for me to let go of were his car, his bicycle and his grill (of all things!). Those things were true symbols of him and our life together. I so empathize with the tender feelings as you watched the truck go down the driveway for the last time.

    1. Sharon you get it as few people who have not lost their husbands do. I am very often at the farm during April and May and September and October and would love for you to come and visit. You can have your own bed. 😁

  11. Love the picture of your field with the frost on it, so beautiful. I am sure that it was hard for you to sell your truck, I don't know if it was too low but I am sure you made the right decision and the new owner is happy.

    1. Thanks so much for the comment and the reassurance. I thought the frost was beautiful too but those temperatures...

  12. You certainly have a beautiful farm. I do miss the outdoor life of farm living. Glad you are enjoying Florida.

  13. Beautiful farm pictures. The Halloween decorations are impressive!! I'm glad you called me when you sold the truck. Dad spent more time in that truck than anyone. So many memories definitely associated with him. I hope it's enjoying it's second life. Nice view from Carter's Mountain.

  14. Yes, the truck was too cheap, especially running. S-10's are such great trucks, one of my favorites that I've owned, but I'm sure you gave/sold it to someone who will appreciate it...
    The Halloween stuff, from the skeleton on the bike to the pallet are hilarious.
    You truly have one EXTREMELY beautiful yard. Loved seeing you in your work clothes!


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