Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Return to Lowell Lake

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When David and I were in Vermont in 2016 we discovered Lowell Lake and visited twice.  Both visits were spectacular.   Here’s a link to our first visit filled with loons and pitcher plans, venus fly traps and this gorgeous setting.

Since I was reasonably nearby, about 28 miles, I was anxious to return to this lovely spot.  This has been a rainy summer in Vermont as I’ve reported and today’s visit was under cloudy skies which set a rather somber tone as did returning to a place which David and I had so enjoyed together without him.

It’s still a lovely quiet place but was pretty gray today.



I think I found 4 beaver lodges around the edge of the lake.  Not sure they were all still in use.  Some were on the bank.


And some had created their own peninsula.


Wish I’d seen some of the beavers but no luck.


I did spot some Pitcher plants but not nearly as many as last time when we were here about 2 weeks later than I am this year.

The old cabins were still on the opposite shore bank and on each of the two islands.  I think it’s sad that the park service doesn’t rent them out and they are just deteriorating.  I guess the upkeep is too much for them.

You can obviously get out on the dock and look around despite the No Trespassing sign. We did that last time but I did not today.  Seems they’d get rid of the dock if they were serious about No Trespassing though that wouldn’t stop folks from just pulling up on shore.


How about these Paul.  They were as large as or larger than dessert plates.


I love little grassy marsh areas with trails going into them.



Looks like a taste of fall.  I couldn’t decide which angle I liked best so I just posted them both.  Which one would you have chosen?


I’ll close with the other two structures around the lake.


Not sure if it was the gray day or just that you “can’t go home again” but this paddle while serene was a disappointment after my wonderful memories of our visit here in 2016.  Better pictures on that post above as well if you want to see how great this place can be.

I had thought I might hike the 3.5 mile trail around the lake but decided to do something else with my afternoon.  I do love being on the water though.  Pretty much any time and any place so perhaps I’ll come back to Lowell Lake on a prettier day and try again to kayak and hike the trail.


Instead of hiking I did my second favorite activity.   I stopped in Manchester at the wonderful Northshire Bookstore.


Not sure where the door leads but what an entry way.

The bookstore has lots of things in addition to books.

I always appreciate reading the staff recommendations.  I have read some of the works of Alice Hoffman but not this one.  Have you?

Seems like books about WWII are coming out at a fast clip lately over 70 years after the close of the war. I found one on the sale table.   I’ve read some really wonderful ones like All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale but I have not read this one.  Anyone have an great WWII fiction to recommend??

There are quite a few author talks given here.  I’d sure like to attend some of them.

I love the AT and if weight weren’t a problem in the RV would for sure have picked up this hardback.  A biography of a trail.  Great concept.  Anyone read it?


Speaking of books and authors, one of Robert Frost’s homes is very nearby so I’m going to take a trip there tomorrow.


  1. Second photo of the tree over the water for "Taste of Fall" is much more pleasing to the eye, in my opinion. The plethora of lily pads in the first shot overpower the loveliness of the tree branch with its flowers. The less obtrusive reflection in the second photo is a real plus!

    Virtual hugs,

    Judie ;->

  2. Re the Cabins: “ I guess the upkeep is too much for them.”. What a lot of hooey! Imagine the response if they put the word out for volunteers to restore and maintain them in exchange for being able to stay in one for a night or two.

    I think it all boils down to being lazy. Period. Or perhaps the fear of thinking outside the gov’t’s box?

    Looking forward to your return sometime 🐶❤️

    1. I agree that the parks should be able to tap volunteers for a once a year clean up and restoration for a week and they could make some money on renting them out. All too much trouble probably. It's a shame. Talk to your state parks. Whip them into shape!

  3. So glad you got on the water. This paddle should be different than the last. The cabins would make nice housing for employees. I always carry too many books, mostly field guides and reference as I'm just not into the app thing.

    1. I know a lot of people who have id apps and hiking apps but I don't seem to be able to do that for some reason. Operator error no doubt.

  4. Hmmm, have to agree with judilyn, love the second one the best. Love bright fall colors. Not a fan of reading that type of book, so can't recommend, but the one about the AT sounds good!

    1. Glad to get your vote Laurie. Thanks for the comment. I'd like to read the AT book though a biography probably means a history which I already.

  5. I also like the second close up picture. Gorgeous color! And, too bad about the cabins...what a lovely view you'd have from them. I'd love to know where that book door goes!! Did you ever read The Alice Network? I liked that one about the women who worked as spies in WWII.

    1. I did read The Alice Network and liked it very much. Thanks for mentioning it. I suspect the door goes to a staff area. I'd bet everyone wants to go through it. It is so neat.

  6. Ah yes. Revisiting a place that you enjoyed with your husband and now he's gone. Been there, done that. And mine has been gone longer than I can tell you it gets easier in some ways.
    But that special person and that special time, something to hold close. .

    1. I'm glad to hear it gets easier. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

  7. Such a lovely, but I'm sure bittersweet paddle on the lake. I like those little watery trails leading into the marsh, too. And the beautiful water lily and the hints of colorful fall leaves. (I can't decide which photo I like best, good that you posted both.)

    That is a wonderful bookstore, so cozy and filled with a jumble of books! I haven't read the Alice Hoffman novel, but I've thoroughly enjoyed most of her novels so I'll put it on my list.

    1. Bittersweet is just the word Laurel. Glad I could show you a new novel you might like to read. Always so good to hear from youl.

  8. The only thing that would make those dessert sized mushrooms look better is if they were filled with Jamaica-Me-Crazy ice cream. ;c)

    1. Is it your favorite too Paul or do you just have an amazing memory. JMC is the best but on a mushroom plate? Not too sure about that. ;-)

  9. Looks like a great bookstore. You can't go home again. I am always dubious about returning to places with wonderful memories. Hard to do

    1. Yes it is a risk going back to places that were magical. We went twice and it was wonderful both times and very nice this time too. Perhaps it was just the day but I agree that it was probably the memories.

  10. Finally home and getting back to catching up here. The book store was amazing. You don't see many of those around any more. I must say that returning to a place shared with someone you love can be ok, great, or sad and gray. Of course, it is different with a beloved friend than a spouse, but this last two weeks in Canyon Country made me miss Shera terribly. None of the people I was with felt it the same way we did when we were in the canyons. Not even Mo. They enjoyed it, but Shera heard the rocks singing with me, and could sit and drum in the silence until we heard the echoes go on forever. Hard to explain that soul thing to people who don't think that way. That life is far behind me now, with Mo being a very down to earth practical person who doesn't understand magic. I have trouble sometimes being in Florida too, when memories of Bel come up so strongly. Even though it can be bittersweet, I still love the feelings and the memories. Your gray day was a reminder I guess. Sending hugs

    1. How I wish I could share the 'soul thing' and the magic with you. There are very few of us and I would love to have such a companion in my travels. I remember how Canyon Country spoke to me when we visited. Years before Winnona we tent camped in Chaco Canyon and it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. This gray day actually did make me miss him more and feel the sadness. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment.


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