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A Visit from Carrie and Colin

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So nice that Carrie and Colin could come spend several days with Nana at the farm.  Celia will get her chance to come with her mom in June before Nana leaves for Vermont to hopefully beat the heat.  This is a ‘grandson picture heavy’ post so beware.

Often when Carrie comes for a visit some of her friends come to see her.  Kate is one of her closest high school friends and Colin was very happy to sit on the sofa while she read.   Niels came too but somehow I didn’t get a picture.


His Mom’s old high chair is just the thing for Colin.  It was an antique even when she sat in it.



And it can be turned around into this little table and chair for coloring.  They knew how to make things attractive, functional and long lasting in the early 20th century.


While Nana’s cleaning up the breakfast, Colin is trying out the old butter churn.  We never used that one, we just loved having it around.


But we did use this one every week when Carrie was Colin’s age.  Milk came from a neighborhood cow and a gallon was 1/3 cream.


Like his Nana, his mother and his sister, Colin loves books.  Carrie reads to him in Papa’s chair in the den.


But his favorite thing is to be outside.  The farm is a great place for him because he can be out on his own if he likes with no danger of cars.

He has a little trouble at first with Carrie’s old Radio Flyer wagon as you can see in this video which makes me laugh every time I watch it.  But he gets the hang of it and becomes absorbed in cleaning up the yard so Nana can mow.


We had a storm at the farm a few days earlier and there were sticks that had blown out of the trees.  He spent an amazing amount of time picking them up, putting them, no matter how big, into the wagon and hauling them behind the shed to the wood pile.


Heading back to the yard for another pick up.

Azaleas in bloom.



Here he has Carrie’s old Radio Flyer wheel barrow which didn’t work quite as well as the wagon for picking up fallen branches but he liked pushing it.  No problem figuring out whether you should push or pull.

Eventually he tired of yard clean up and we spent some time on the yard swing.


On Monday we headed into Charlottesville for two bank appointments to put Carrie on my accounts so she will have less trouble settling my estate than I did settling the two I had to contend with.

Afterwards, we rewarded Colin for amazingly great behavior for a rambunctious 2 year old by taking him to Greenleaf Park where he wanted to ride, climb and play  on everything of course..

IMG_20210426_104850627_HDR     Riding


IMG_20210426_105141766_HDR      Climbing




IMG_20210426_104717531_HDR A girl about the age of his sister joined him on the merry-go-round.


Then he wanted to check out the teeter totter and figure out what it was and how it worked. She decided she did too.  But she’s heavier than he is so he had to have some weight help from Mom to make it work.



When we returned to the farm, he played a while in the yard and when he took a nap, Nana and Mommy played Uno on the porch.


We kept the nap series going all the days they were here but I don’t remember who ultimately won.  You can sort of tell who won these hands though Carrie looks a lot less unhappy about losing than I do.




I think the most fun Colin had was when we went hiking in the woods.  He just loved it and hiked the first time for nearly 2 hours on his just over 2 1/2 year old legs.  He wants to be outside all the time.

Colin and his Nana


If it gets too steep, just crawl


And stop along the way to examine what you see


Our little woodsman.


I love this picture of Carrie in the woods of her childhood.


And this series of her and Colin. 
My baby with her baby. 
Sorry I couldn’t pick just one.


The beautiful Mountain Laurel was just coming into bloom in the woods.
So delicate.


There were butterflies all over it.


We walked to one of Carrie’s favorite spots with a little waterfall.


By now our little trooper was taking some sit downs



Ride em’ cow pokes.



Time to head back up to the house.  The spring greens in the woods are so lovely.


These two look mighty small in this vast looking space.


Little man gets a ride.


But soon he’s taking lessons.  His Nana and Papa taught his Mama to be a tree hugger and she’s teaching him.  Isn’t that what we all hope for that our important values will get passed down.  And that the world will be better for those we love.


I think he’s got the hang of it.


Such a beautiful day!



It’s a long way back and we have to take many breaks.


Showing his mama what he’s found sitting among the ground cedar.


At one point, I move some larger limbs off the trail to make the hiking easier for him and he’s all over it moving sticks large and small out of the way. 


I thought this was a pretty big stick for him.


That was until I saw this one.   Check out this funny video of the action.


Time for a bath in the old claw foot tub when we get back.  There are some great stories from Carrie’s childhood associated with this tub.


Playing the piano was a recurring activity.  Carrie’s concentration given Colin’s accompaniment was amazing.


Take a short listen.



On their last day, while they were packing, I got the lawn tractor out since I had to mow the grass and I figured Colin would love it.  Celia not so much.  She’ll cover her ears and run from the noise but when I asked if he wanted to ride, he certainly did.  And he wanted to drive.

So around we went.  He can come back in about 12 years and do this for me.


We had a great time the three of us. 
I’ll close with a series of pictures of Colin putting Papa’s UVA ball cap on the way Colin’s Daddy Matthew wears his.  
I know I’m very prejudiced but this is one cute little boy.





Thanks you two for coming.  I could not possibly love you more.


  1. He is ALL BOY and just precious!!! Enjoy these years with the Grands...they are the best!!!

    1. Thanks for the comment Nancy. You are so right.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Jeannie. You have a cute grandson too.

  3. You're so smart to get things set up for Carrie now. I bless my parents for doing that for me. It did make things so much easier. Colin is such a cutie! He will appreciate the time you spend with him as he gets older. Such great memories. BTW, the 3rd video of him on the piano won't open. Says 'marked as private'.

    1. Thanks Laurie, you must be the first person to look at the videos. I've fixed it thanks to you. Hope folks will let me know if it works now.

  4. Love the TWO shirt and how determined he was to get that big stick in just the right spot. My favorite of the pictures of Carrie sitting with Colin are the first and last ones. The picture of him wearing the green shirt is great. It's the first one I've seen of him where he didn't look serious! Finn would've loved the wagon and wheelbarrow too- xxxooo

    1. Thanks Pam. He's really not a serious boy but he is mischievous for sure and nearly all the time. It was good that we could keep him busy with repetitive tasks that he seemed really to enjoy.

  5. Oh, I can't believe how he has grown. I am so glad that Carrie and Colin came to visit. I couldn't help but think of David when I saw that video of Colin clearing the path. I can see those two working together. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for your comment Pam it is always great to hear from you. You are right that David would have absolutely loved spending time with his grandson. He also could have taught him a great deal if Colin was interested.

  6. Wonderful visit and blog. I LOVE all the videos and want them for myself! The stick one is hilarious and sooo him. Pam's comment was interesting...in many of these pictures, he looks serious. I hadn't noticed that at first. She's right. You're right though that he's mischievous. He's also quite fun loving. We should try for some more joyful Colin pictures next go round :) Love the pictures of him and want those also! He sure does LOVE being outside and exploring. I so wish Dad had gotten to see more of him than just 5 months. He and Celia are looking forward to seeing you soon!! :)

    1. We'll have to work on how to get you all these pictures and videos. Thank you so much for coming. Looking forward to seeing you all again very soon.

  7. I meant to say that I love the pictures of him and I and want those also in that last comment.

  8. I can't believe how much he's grown, and looks like his sister. Such a great helper with yard clean up and music. You are very fortunate.

    1. I am very fortunate you are so right Gaelyn.

  9. He sure looks like his sister, just as precious and adventurous. Wonderful to have the time with him and his Mom and to have such a perfect place for him to enjoy so much outdoors time. Nothing better than our grandbabies!

    1. The farm is definitely a great place for him. Thanks for your comment Jodee.

  10. Yes, cutest little boy ever!!! He sure has grown!

    1. We definitely think he's the cutest little boy ever. They really do grow fast at this age.

  11. Never too young to learn how to be a proper tree hugger! Must be in your family's DNA. :cD

  12. Couldn't agree with you more Paul never too young to hug trees. We're trying to pass it on.

  13. Colin is so very cute, and growing up so fast!

    1. Thanks Gail. He's darling but very mischievous. He requires pretty constant watching at this point. Wears me out. I can really feel my age.

  14. Colin is darling, and how wonderful that he already has such a love of nature! It's amazing that he could hike for two hours on those little legs. There is no doubt that you and Carrie are mother and daughter! That's such a sweet photo of the two of you. So glad you had such a great visit.

    1. He definitely has amazing stamina for his age. I'm sorry that his sister is much less interested in hiking and being outside. Carrie was wise to bring them separately

  15. He is adorable and what wonderful memories of the farm for all!


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