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August has seemed like every month from the past 6 months which has seemed like forever.  I can hardly remember when there wasn’t a quarantine and masks.

In particular August has been hot, humid and boring.  There has been nothing but SUN and rain after which I can literally see the grass grow..  Thus I cannot keep up with mowing the yard and the fields looked in early August like they needed their fall mowing right now rather than in early October. 

Like many but certainly not all folks, there isn’t much going on in my life right now.  I’m doing puzzles.  Enjoying my  neighbors feathered and otherwise.

This is a favorite puzzle of mine particularly now since it reminds me of Maine where I would have been for this entire month and part of last had it not been for the pandemic.

I am surprised at how many people continue to travel based on what I read in RVillage and in the Winnebago Brave, Full Timer and other RV groups I read on Facebook.  I guess I’m just not Brave enough.  Pun intended.

Apologies to the turkey hen whom I nearly cut out of this picture as they marched down the field and into the woods.

The heat has brought out the butterfly bushes in the fields.


My hooved neighbors are also ever present and in increasingly large groups.  Good thing I didn’t do any vegetable planting though I’ve certainly been here long enough to have planted, weeded and harvested without having to water much. 

Even with all the unusual rain in August, which is normally a dry month, the grasses are not the dark rich green I would expect.  It’s just been too darn hot.

Yeah they are cute and I took too many pictures of them.  There aren’t many subjects for the camera.

This was a new one for me.  I’d never seen a turkey hen perched on the fence.

I did go on a couple of outings in August.  My friend Mary and I went to Carter’s Mountain Orchard to buy some fresh peaches and have their home made peach ice cream.  JUST the thing on a HOT day.   I picked up my cup to get the ice cream in the selfie and didn’t realize I’d put the spoon handle in my mouth.  Oh well . . .


Mary in mask checking out the peaches for sale.


View over Charlottesville from the top of Carter’s Mountain.


Some of the orchards growing peaches and apples.


Beautiful blue sky puffy cloud day as we head out.  Such regular rows of trees.  Mother Nature definitely doesn’t do things like that.


Few snacks as delicious as southern peaches both white and yellow and blueberries.


We actually went up to the orchard twice.  The second time was when my bowl of peaches looked like this.  I’d bought a 1/2 peck.  Where DID they go?

So much rain, look what’s growing in my grass.  I mowed around them because they were so interesting.  Wish I knew if they were edible but I’m not a mycologist or a risk taker.   Do any of you know what they are?


They were as big as dessert plates and thick.  I love the design on the top. 


Designed by Mother Nature


Look how thick.


Imagine my surprise when I looked out and thought I saw that turkey hen on the fence.  A closer look showed it to be a black vulture.  Usually we have turkey vultures soaring over head.  This was really unusual.

I was walking down the road when I spotted him.  I was amazed at how big he was.  I kept walking and he turned to look right at me.  Perhaps to see if he could intimidate me.  I stopped and watched.  He stayed a bit and then just seemed to stretch out those huge wings and sail away without a sound.


On the side table of this swing facing the west yard and the mountains on a non cloudy day  is a bowl of peaches and blueberries along with the book I was reading.  More on that later.  I took these two pictures of where I was sitting and then decided to take pictures of all the places I sit to read and journal here at the farm.

In the picture below, you can see the “front porch” which faces South and the gravel farm road behind the bench swing.


These are the potential sitting spots on that porch, a swing and a rocker. Look closely for the red chairs behind the swing.  Those are in the East yard where the entrance to the house is.


On the other end of the front porch is this table and chairs for fine outdoor dining and a chance of glimpsing a sunset over the mountains when you can see them which unfortunately isn’t today.



Both the red chairs and the picnic table are in the east yard.  That’s the barnyard beyond them.  The red chairs are another favorite reading spot and the picnic table along with the wrought iron table on the South porch are great lunch spots.


And finally, with the best view of them all is the second story porch off of the master bedroom.  It is often equipped with a Pawley’s Island hammock but always has 3 chairs including two rockers.


Here’s a zoomed picture of the chairs.  The white cable is for the signal booster for my hotspot which enables me to get a modicum of internet out here in the mountains where no internet provider is available.  The hammock is being stored on a hook on the right wall in the picture.


Here’s what most mornings look like when I start out on my walks at 6:30am.


On one particular morning the black buzzard was on the fence and this time I was able to get a picture of him winging away.



Other delights seen on that foggy morning.


Wish I could have been taking a class on mushrooms while being trapped here.  There are so many and they are so varied.  This one is nearly the opposite of the big thick ones in the yard.  So delicate and dainty.


My only other outing this month was with my friend Pam when we returned to IMG_20200809_182509165IMG_20200809_182531681_HDR Burton’s Grille where I had a Mud Slide and tried again to pretend I was in Bar Harbor by ordering a warm lobster roll with butter.

Both were wonderful as was the company.

IMG_20200822_071135774_HDRIn spite of its fairly recent infamy, the city of Charlottesville is a sweet little town though not nearly as little as it was when we moved nearby in 1978.  Still, as a college town, it is expectedly intellectual and artsy.  One of the things I really enjoy is a program called Art In Place which puts sculptured pieces around the town. 

I kept thinking I might be able to get this one with the sun coming up behind its “rays” but that didn’t happen so I’ll just show you what I took on one of the all too familiar cloudy days here this August.



Another form of art around town made me laugh.

Not exactly a bat mobile.







I saw the above car twice on a walk I do in town, but the next time I went by that same spot this one had taken its place.  I don’t think they are the same artist but there was no one around to ask.







Do you think any of this washes off in the rain or is it permanent as in forever?


JWP Walk (8)a

On that same walk, I was surprised to look up and see this hot air balloon sailing overhead.  Balloons aren’t unusual in the fall here when the trees on the Blue Ridge are turning but August isn’t common I don’t think.  But then it’s been several years since I’ve spent summers in Virginia until this past year with David’s memorial and now this year with covid.  Can’t say 2019 or 2020 are going to be among my favorite years.

Like most of my pictures these days, this one would be better if I had been carrying my canon and not just my phone.

Aug 20 Thurs

But mostly this month, as I said when I showed all the sitting spots around the house, I’ve been reading and eating.

Here are three of the books that I have been enjoying along with numerous ones on my kindle which you can see sitting by the sandwich in the picture below left.

And some of the eats.  Avocado, tomato and spinach sandwich with home made potato chips at the picnic table.

A salad with yummy fresh tomatoes and Baked potato with sauerkraut and caraway seeds inside while it rains AGAIN.


Aug 18 Tuesday (2)

This is the most common western morning view for me this month.


A second view, this one just before yet another rain in the afternoon.  We seem to have mid 90’s heat and then rain almost daily.  Great for the grass.  Not so great for the one who has to mow it.

IMG_20200807_185046122_HDR (2)

I’ll close with another view - a bit of fun.


Our great claw foot bathtub and its excellent view for bubble bath bathing.

Hope you can see the feet.  I didn’t want to use a flash which would wash out the view.  The side of the tub is cranberry red and its feet are the tan on the paper running round the barn board molding.


That’s pretty much my entire month of August 2020.  Thank you for giving me a reason to record it.  Who knows, I “might” want to look back and see what happened.  

But for sure, your comments keep me going.  Hope you all are well and safe.  If you are still traveling, let me know.  Perhaps you’ll encourage me.  I am longing to be back on the road.  I feel time slipping away.  Wish I were 40 with what seemed like infinite time ahead.


  1. Yes, Covid makes everything rather dismal. We got take out the other night from Guadalajara and I got a frozen pina colada which was excellent! Nice that you have the farm to hang out in nature. We are happy for that everyday.

  2. I absolutely love the pictures of all your sitting spots. Such peaceful places. The morning fog looks like our fog, but I'm sure with much higher temps and humidity. I understand your reluctance to be on the road again. I know several people that are. I think it would be safe with precautions.

  3. I really missed traveling for a while after I got off the road, but now I don't think I'd want to go back. There just comes a time . . . .

  4. What a wonderful place to have to be isolated, really! Love the multitude of sitting places, the puzzles, the tub looks delightful. The peaches and ice cream look good, too! Yes, I know it isn't easy, but you make it sound pretty darn nice in spite of the boredom. Just think, if you could mow you wouldn't be able to read so much. I laughed thinking about the kinds of peaches mother nature might grow for us if we didn't have nice orderly orchards. Not so sweet I would bet, a bit like those oranges David used to find in wild parts of Florida. Take care, dear friend, good to hear from you.

  5. Love the picture of the one deer with the fawn, the butterfly on the butterfly bush, the neat rows of apple or peach trees at Carter's Mountain, the foggy morning and the spider's web. I'm fascinated by vultures and you got some good shots of him too.
    Folks think it would be lovely to be "stuck" at the farm but it is all familiar to you and not novel although the assortment of animals and birds is very cool. xxxooo

  6. Now, why would anyone do that to their car??
    Those mushrooms were HUGE!!! My land!
    Love pictures of the farm, and those were some healthy looking beautiful deer.
    We are dry, dry, dry here.. Irrigation companies are having to cut off water to farms in the area. Peoples crops dying right before their eyes, People can't get 2nd cutting off their alfalfa, so now they will have to buy very expensive hay to feed animals thru the winter... One thing leads to another.
    I have been staying in... self isolating.... Lots to do around here it turns out!!! Cleaned and painted the living room. Still 'thinking' about what to hang back up on the walls. I want different... but still with all my 'treasured' STUFF.. ha!
    continued on-going yard work, took a load of dry/dead headed things to dump today, limbs off trees, low hanging branches and many limbs downed in last wind we had..
    Glad all is well in your part of the world
    Take Care and God Bless

  7. Staying as sane as we can with all the restrictions from this dumb virus. Feels like it may never end. Been reading books like crazy with our Kindles and enjoying British TV shows on our Amazon Prime account. Wish we had quality shows like the Brits do here in the US.

    I take the Journey out for a long spin twice a month to keep it in shape. Once these state restrictions get lifted I need to head to the WB factory to get my slide seals replaced and a slide adjustment. It bugs me to have this repair issue hanging over my head.

    We were supposed to have already taken a trip to CA to see the granddaughters out there but the virus ruined that for us. Hope by next summer things will be more back to normal. Its been almost four years since we saw them last in person, thank goodness for Zoom and Facetime.

    I have a weekly motorcycle ride with a group of over 60 riders to get out and about. Of course as soon as we stop and the helmets come off, the masks go on. The new normal I guess.

    Your house looks lovely, no wonder you cherish the farm so much. A little slice of heaven.

    1. Hi
      Michele with one ell here and I'm in the UK! Which shows are you enjoying? If you like thrillers then Line Of Duty is very good, although I'm not sure if you can get it on Amazon Prime, you might have to use BBC iPlayer. The BBC have also done an excellent adaptation of His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman (I think it might be called The Golden Compass in the states). A remake of All Creatures Great And Small looks promising - Nice easy watching for when you just want to relax. If you like historical sagas then The Last Kingdom was good too. I always enjoy Call The Midwife. Alan Bennet's Talking Heads are the best thing on TV this year, fantastic writing and brilliant performances. I sound like I do nothing but watch TV, but its not true, honest!

  8. Always good to see pictures of the farm... brings back good memories. Glad you are able to enjoy it. I think out of the last 30 days, 28 have been 100 degrees or more... only two were in the (upper) 90's. And rain.. well we don't see that in August... I could use a little peach ice cream..

  9. Looks like you are staying as busy as is possible given the pandemic. The farm looks so idyllic. Love the view from your tub, and the cat looking out the window!

  10. I know those 90 degree days with rain in the afternoons - but your world sure looks different from our desert space. Of course 24% humidity is high for us :-) I do miss the fog though. Love all your reading spots and that you use them. I can't imagine not being a reader during these dormant times!! Your turkey and vulture and deer are wonderful. Glad they're sharing your space and keeping you company. That tub is pure heaven :-)))

    1. AND I just made a reservation for a week in Santa Fe in October. Very exciting to put that on the calendar!! Also routed our 2021 summer and secured two weeks in our favorite Oregon Coast spot - so fingers crossed we're able to enjoy it.

  11. My juvenile turkey family line up on the fence and play king of the hill. They tustle and push and knock each other off. It's great fun watching them.

  12. Your tall grasses sure bring a nice variety of wildlife to watch. Our spotted fawns are getting fluffy and less spotty every day. I am drooling over the fresh peaches. I don't recognize the mushrooms. I'll take a second story porch rocker for the view. The farm is so peaceful looking. I hope those car owners wanted a paint job. I think you are getting our monsoon rain. I absolutely love your bathtub and the view. I will be traveling again when my season is over mid-October. I don't have a home to go to.

  13. I've been staying home like you but keeping real busy. You have a nice looking home like I do so it shouldn't be so bad. It's a good time to reflect and plan for new adventures and get out there and do it. Hey we are getting older and time is short so don't be afraid too long as the end result will be the same in the end . No one avoids it so go play.
    Wishing you the best,

  14. Good to hear from you and know that you are well. We are also missing our trip to Maine...maybe next year:-)) Life here in Florida seems very much the same as Virginia except you have such a beautiful natural area where you are. Love the wildlife photos!! I just consider this a "Pause" in life to just BE. Stay well and healthy and this too shall pass!!! Oh did I say we've done over 15 2000 piece puzzles����������

  15. Your views are just wonderful everywhere on the farm, including from your clawfoot tub! Aren't you happy that you're a reader? Good books are such good company in these challenging times. Still, like you, I'd rather be traveling someplace cool and enjoying our normal hiking and nature adventures. It's impossible to be outside very much when it's so hot and humid. One more month, and things should be much better in Virginia and Florida! OX

  16. It is pretty boring not traveling and especially the heat in FL. We jusr might get out for a weekend trip with our RV club. First, we have to check if all the rv stuff still works after sitting for six months:) Stay safe!

  17. Love reading about your month, Sherry. Yes, the heat about did all of us in. I see that your herd of deer is even larger than mine on this side of the county. One 4-point buck actually got into the habit of bedding down beside the chimney in the front yard! Bambi had taken it too far and I kept chasing him away. Crazy! Hang in and stay safe.

  18. I enjoyed reading about your month. I loved the photographs of the vulture and also the spiders Web. I'm fighting an ongoing battle with spiders at the moment. Most of the stock for my antiques business is kept in an outhouse at the bottom of my garden and spiders are insisting on spinning their webs right across it at head height. I hate to break them because I think they are beautiful, but on the other hand I need to get to my stock!

  19. Your August sounds like ours, just add a few more dinners out. Thankfully our volunteer job adds some structure to our weeks. Love fresh peaches, I've gone thru 2-1/2 peck bags myself, Dave meanwhile enjoys fresh tomatoes, some locals friends keep him supplied. I've read countless mysteries this summer. With 80%+ humidity our walks are first thing in the morning too, we've a 5 mile route figured out in the campground. Thanks for a tour of your reading and relaxing spots on the farm.

  20. We are loving the fresh peaches on the grill but with ice cream looks delightful. That's a great bathtub


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