Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Leaving Vermont Headed South

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I started my pack up by checking all 10 tires and airing them up.  Luckily I started the RV because it didn’t start.  The battery was dead.  There is a toggle compartment switch near the bottom of the steps coming inside.  It was toggled to on and I have no idea how long it had been.  I used the battery boost but was afraid to set out on a 500+ mile trip with a weak battery.  In the end it was $361 for the battery, the charge for the tech to come out and $120/hour labor.  Yes I could possibly have done this myself except that I’m not strong enough to get the terminals off or the straps.  Being alone is expensive.

IMG_9903I did the laundry, put away the chairs, the mat, the tire covers and on and on. Getting ready to move.

To cheer myself up about the battery fiasco I made this video to say goodbye to the river my campsite at Camping on the Battenkill.  And then it started to rain.   And I mean rain!!!

Sweet Shelli Ann, the owner of the campground told me not to drive 250 miles in this pouring down rain but to just stay in my site until it stopped and leave the next day.  I was so relieved at her generosity.  AND she didn’t charge me for the extra day.  I cannot recommend this campground or these people enough.  If you are in southern Vermont, grab a site and tell them Sherry sent you.

Sept 2 Casino Parking lotMy good luck continued the next morning.  No rain and the picky jack came up without the use of a crowbar to force it.  So I left on September 2nd, not the 1st as I’d intended.  But because I didn’t have to make the dreaded reservations, I didn’t have to cancel anything and pay any fees.
I spent the night at the Mohegan Sun Pocono Casino parking lot in Wilkes-Barre PA where someone came in a white stretch limo.  That’s my view.  Wonder if the driver dropped his passengers at the door and parked here.  Wouldn’t be much fun to park the limo and have to walk what is a pretty good distance to the casino.  I didn’t see them arrive so I don’t know.  And I didn’t go to the casino myself either.

The next day was a 200 mile drive to Walmart in West Virginia where I arrived at 2:30.  Really too early but driving on to Virginia was too long.   I was back in Virginia by noon the next day.  No rain the whole way.  Thank you again Shelli Ann.

Lots of things to get done while I’m here including having things redone at the RV repair shop 90 miles from my house that should have been done properly last spring like the AC which is still rattling even though they said it was fixed and the brand new TV Antenna that won’t go up and the contrary jack and some rust preventative on the under carriage that they were supposed to do but “ran out of time”. 

More problems with my father’s estate too.

But before starting in on the work to be done while I’m here, on Sunday I went on a birding walk with a great birder named Thomas who had advertised the walk on Nextdoor.  We went to walk what is known as the Monticello Trail.  It hikes up the mountain from a parking lot at the foot to Thomas Jefferson’s home.  We didn’t go all the way up.  We cut off on some mowed side trails Thomas knew of.

Thomas brought his scope and most of us had binoculars.


Not sure whose job it is to mow these  but they were very nice.


BIG thistle and goldenrod here in Virginia.


The paths wandered in and out of the woods.


It’s been a very long time since I did anything with a group of people.  It was nice to share a mutual interest with others.


No waterfowl on this almost hidden pond.


But we did actually spot some birds.  Hiding in the leaves are two red eyed vireos.  They seemed to be the birds of the day as we saw them several times.  Or others of their species.

I was told this was a Black Throated Green Warbler.  Warblers are just too difficult for me to recognize and remember.  But it was great seeing this one.  And amazing to get a picture.

Black-throated Green Warbler

Not a bird but the 17 year locusts (aka cicadas) are still here.


A little Eastern Wood-Peewee gave itself away by singing out its name.

The tree seemed decorated with birds.

House Finches

Not sure you can see him well but they tell me he’s a Prairie Warbler.  What do you think Eric?

Prairie Warbler

And finally two more red eyed vireos to wind out the day.

Red-eyed Vireo

Red-eyed Vireo2

Coming up next is the post I’ve been dreading writing for months.  It explains why I am still in Virginia in late November.  I haven’t been in temperatures this consistently cold since 2010.


  1. I think it is amazing that you got all those pictures of those birds. They move so fast and by the time I get my phone in the general area of where they are supposed to be, they are gone.

  2. Dang, not off to a good start but you were saved. Nice welcome home to go on a bird walk. It seems the parks you stayed at this summer would offer guided walks. Anxious to hear the rest of the story.

  3. Nice birding walk, cool that you found that on Next Door. We just found that app ourselves. I see you stayed in the casino near our old home. I don't miss the snow that is coming to PA soon!

  4. I know what's coming in your next post, I hope all is going well to get things resolved. Wish I was closer to help you thru it. You're a superstar with how you handle all the challenges that life throws at you.

  5. How fun that you discovered a birding trip right in your own backyard! Eric says it's far away for him to make a positive ID, but he's good with Prairie Warbler. :-) And I'm so glad that you had the kindness of Shelli Ann to keep you from driving in the rain.

  6. Glad to hear you didn't have to travel in the rain. There are still many kind and generous souls out there. Sorry to hear about your battery... Nice that you were able to bird watch with a group.. always a good thing to have all the extra eyes scanning for our feathered friends...

  7. Thank you for a tour of places in VT we never got to. Glad you made it to VA safely. Looks like a good day birding.


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