Sunday, July 18, 2021

Out and About in Vermont

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I am having a WONDERFUL time in Vermont so there is a lot to post about.  This one has three more of my adventures in my first week here.  I went hiking, kayaking and covered bridging again.  Therefore, beware, lots of pictures.

IMG_6217It’s Monday and I’m takin’ a hike.  The Long Trail runs the length of the state  of Vermont, 273 miles. It is the oldest long-distance trail in the United States, constructed between 1910 and 1930 by the Green Mountain Club.  It follows the main ridge of the Green Mountains from the Massachusetts-Vermont line to the Canadian border.  It was the inspiration for the Appalachian Trail and they share 100 miles of trail in the southern part of the state of Vermont. 

Being a big fan of the AT and having hiked the entire thing through the Shenandoah National Park and pieces of it in North and South Carolina, as well as Pennsylvania, Maine and previously in Vermont,  I wanted to hike at least a section of the Long Trail in northern Vermont and a piece of the LT/AT  in southern Vermont next month


The piece I’ve chosen for today will take me up to the top of Prospect Rock which is supposed to have good views and it will go over the famous long suspension bridge which is a trademark of the Long Trail.  When I set off from the marker at this LT parking lot, I have to wade through some brush before getting onto what looks more like a trail.  You can find parking lots to section hike the LT throughout it’s length in Vermont.  I guess all the rain has pushed these bushes over to nearly cover the trail from the road crossing.

But here I am and it looks much better.  Almost like a road at this point.


Lots of big rocks to scramble around on if you so desire.


Or maybe a sheltered campsite if you are what is called an “end to ender” rather than a thru hiker on this trail.


I come to the edge of a cliff and the trail seems to indicate I need to go down and hike across a set of small streams.  I walk back and forth on the cliff edge thinking surely there must be some other way down than this metal ladder chained precariously to a tree root that could potentially give way anytime.

But not there isn’t and this is the way down.  So I take a big breath and down I go.

At the bottom I find it easy to walk over the huge rock faces and around the water.


IMG_6241On the other side I find the steps to the suspension bridge over the Winooski River.  Prior to the opening of the bridge in 2015 you had to walk along busy roads 3+ miles and pass under two interstates to connect the North and South ends of the long trail.  A 92 year old member of the Green Mountain Club painted the first blaze on the bridge in 2015.  He’d been a member of the club since he was 14 years old.  Read more of the very interesting story about him and the bridge here.


Views of the river from the bridge.



Here’s a picture of the bridge on opening day in 2015 from an angle I can’t get.
Borrowed from the above link.


I cross the bridge and very shortly find this sign telling me that I am not going to be going to the top of Prospect Rock to see the views.  But supposedly there is a “temporary trail” and maybe there are at least some views from there and I’m here for the hike and I’ve seen the bridge so I’m good no matter what.  On I go.


Well on I go after a snack and a rock sit on the trail.

I’m climbing up and up and up and then on my way up some more I come to this tree.



So far no views on this temporary trail


I take it all the way around until I start to go down the other side and see the blocked off original route coming from the other direction. 
It’s official, no views today.


So I turn around and head back down.  The orange flags mark the “temporary” until August 1 trail.  That’s the day I leave to move to Southern Vermont.  So I have missed my chance by one day.  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.


Still, there are big trees to hug.

And I get to go back over the suspension bridge climbing steps down to get to it this time.  Putting this bridge in was a BIG undertaking.  No wonder it took more than 100 years.


Nobody here but me.  Just the way I like my hikes.  I avoid being out and about on week-ends and can often have trails, lakes and rivers to myself.




Time to climb the ladder again – see it in the distance hanging off the cliff?  I think the Club needs to work on this problem now.  It’s been 6 years since they finished the bridge.



On Wednesday I go over to Molly’s Falls Pond, a beautiful tranquil place.


I saw familiar faces on the pond.  This Mallard mom and her brood.

I wondered if the Cormorant followed me up here from Florida where I see them every time I’m on the water.


This is how far I actually was away from him.


So I’m not sure what made him take wing and start to run across the water

before he took to the sky.

Maybe the Cormorant and the Great Blue Heron came up north together.


This was the waterfowl I had hoped to see here at Molly’s Falls today.



First one, then two.  How lucky am I??

IMG_6375 (2)

At one point one of them takes off to catch up to the other one. 

Just getting started here

Getting going

On the way.  And the best part is that he is calling constantly while he runs.
Here’s a video of what I saw.  He was hard to keep up with.   But my luck in seeing it, hearing it and filming some of it makes me filled with joy.  I wish David were here to share it with me.


IMG_6389 (2)

I decided to beach the kayak and look around a bit on shore.


As I was walking away from her a heard rushing water.


I think I’ve found Molly’s Falls.  Sounds beautiful. 


I got back in the kayak and went on around so I could see the falls straight on.


I took this video of them.  I wanted to save the sounds to listen to again.


And then it’s back to the launching spot.  I’ve gone all the way around this lovely pond and would definitely return.


And now for more covered bridges.

Lydon Vermont bills itself as the “covered bridge capital of THE NORTHEAST KINGDOM”.  I think the North East Kingdom thing is hilarious and I’m not sure Lydon has more bridges than other areas but whatever.

I start out on my tour of Lydon’s bridges on Thursday with the School House Bridge.  Built in 1879, it is 42 feet long and has a pedestrian walkway on one side.




The Chamberlin Bridge was built in 1881.   Ruby and I drive through and I park to go back and see the view of the river.



It’s terrific, an impressive cascade and a swimming hole I can see out the bridge’s open sides.

As you can see, I took many pictures of it from several angles and can’t decide what I like best so here are too many of them.



Perhaps I’m waterfall deprived.  I can’t find any of them near by so far.




Miller’s Run Bridge was built in 1878, taken apart and completely restored in 1995. 


Most bridges are only one lane but you can see that this one can do two which is why the car is far over to his right.






A real treat at the parking lot behind this bridge is a trail going along the Passsumpsic River and on to the County Office Buildings.  On my walk I spoke to several people taking a stroll from there on their lunch hour.


Some sections were narrow and wet with foliage hanging into the path.

Seems like a nice beach but no one was there on this day.

What a lovely bell lilly.  But you can’t see it’s real beauty without looking up inside.


Looks like I’m having fly away hair troubles.  I need a trim already.  This is why I don’t often cut my hair.  At the price of cuts and the speed with which my hair grows, my pocketbook can’t keep up.  Maybe I could do it with the Flowbee but David always helped me with that.

It seemed very odd to me that the sign to Welcome folks to Lydon and proclaim it as the capital of covered bridges was at the Sanborn Bridge.  The reason for my feeling was that this was the least well cared for bridge of any I’d seen so far and I’m into the double digits at this point.


The Sandborn Bridge is privately owned.  No idea why but it is clearly suffering from that.  Built in 1867 it is on the grounds of the Lynburke Motel.   Wonder why the town doesn’t buy it from the motel owner?


The story is that the bridge was to be torn down and replaced at another crossing near Lyndonville but lots of people were upset with that.  In 1960 Armand Morin who then owned the motel had it moved and placed over the East Branch of the Passumpsic River here on the motel property.  But it goes no where now.   A room built into the interior once served as a real estate office.

But as you can see, the current owner of the property is not maintaining it.  I hope folks will get together about this before it is too late.




The Randall Bridge built in 1865 is the oldest of the ones I visited today.  It is two years older than the Sanborn above.

Apparently the town of Lydonville owns this one which is no longer in use.


It is also a bridge that goes no where.


I’ll end with this rock cairn on the edge of the Moose River behind Winnona.  I thought it looked better in black and white.  This is a great spot to spend a month and I’m just getting started.


I apologize for SO many photos.  I’ll try to do better but it’s hard.  I don’t do well with choosing.


  1. Good shots in my opinion! So many bridges….

    1. Thanks for the comment and the compliment. Yes, SO many bridges. With the ones we saw I'm approaching 20.

  2. What a great week!!The photos of the Sanborn bridge were so very sad. Can't imagine why they would let it get like that no matter who owns it. The ladder! That was impressive. I could go up it, but sure as heck would have a hard time going down. Downhill is the hardest for me anywhere. And the bird photos...great fun. and wet bushes on trails!! With our drought it is hard to imagine drippy wet bushes. Love the waterfall. The pond looked lovely too, my favorite, glassy still water with interesting shoreline to explore. who cares about too many photos any more anyway, not me!

    1. It was a great week and I'm' with you on the Sandborn. it was a sweet little waterfall. Glad my photo excesses don't bother you.

  3. Looks like you are having a great summer!!! So many bridges and waterfalls!!! So few people...just the way you like it:o)

    1. Actually not many waterfalls but I'm finding lots of bridges and more and more hikes and lakes for kayaking. And it's COOL up here. That's a BIG payoff.

  4. It is a shame that the value of saving those bridges is not important anymore. We can build new and promote urban sprawl, but there's no money in saving bridges I guess...

    1. Couldn't agree with you more secret commenter. Wish you had signed your comment.

  5. Nice photos. It's good to hear you've found pleasant weather, great hiking, kayaking and covered bridges. Enjoy the rest of your summer in Vermont!

    1. Thanks you guys. I have every intention of doing just that. Hope all is well with you two.

  6. What a great post! I am so happy you are enjoying Vermont. It's lovely and great to get to see it through your lens. Getting ready to check out the videos. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I'm so glad you like the post Pam and hope you'll like the videos as well.

  7. I'm sure David is with you every step of the way - he just can't hold your hand. I backpacked about 800 miles total of the AT in 1997, mostly in the southern end, but about 60 or so miles in Vermont. I really enjoyed Vermont and wish I could have finished all 2200 or so miles of the trail!

    1. I remember your talking and your blog about having hiked the AT Gypsy. I don't know how many miles of it I have done piece by piece but certainly not as much as you did

  8. So what was that black n white bird, u never did say??? And did you see where Geo Clooney uses a flowbee to cut his hair, said he always has... do you think really? His hair is always perfect, really?

    1. Oh Loree I'm so sorry I didn't say that the bird I was so excited about is the loon. Somehow I have a very difficult time believing that George Clooney uses a flowbee. Why in the world would he?

  9. Fabulous hikes and covered bridges. We have just GOT to come to Vermont lol.

    1. Not sure it's any better than Maine but I figured Acadia would be too swamped this summer and I'm having a fine time here

  10. Love all the pictures! We are so drought stricken here in CA, I enjoy all the green you are sharing. Of course the Chamberlin Bridge stood out for me, that's my maiden name :) How lucky to get the Loon on video. Such a beautiful bird.

    1. The comment Laurie. The loon was the highlight of that paddle. Their call is so haunting.

  11. I never Vermont has so many covered bridges. Looks like a great destination for my annual motorcycle rides with my brothers next year. Just finished this years ride around WVA last Saturday. Yep, it takes a year for my butt to recover from all those miles we rode. ;c)

    1. Definitely a lot of covered bridges in Vermont Paul. LOL at your once a year motorcycle rides.

  12. It's amazing that the bridges are stable being that they are so old. The lily is very pretty! There is nothing better to listen to than a river, waterfall or the ocean. The loons are wonderful! I love their black and white coloring and their call. The video of the one going along in the water is very cool! The pond where you were kayaking looked very peaceful. When you got near the falls, it looked swallow. Have fun enjoying the outdoors! xxxooo

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed this post Pam. It was quite shallow near the little waterfall and I am having a wonderful time in the outdoors here. I've found so many things to do.

  13. I'm so glad you're in cooler temperatures and able to do all of the things you love in such a beautiful place...what great hikes and kayaking you're finding! Love the wildlife, too, especially those wonderful loons. You're making me long for Vermont!

    1. Vermont has definitely grown on me during the time I have been here. Wish you could come up and share my fun. Hope it's cooler for you in North Carolina. I am loving the coolness here though there's a bit too much rain and I wish I could send it out to the folks in the West.

  14. Such a beautiful place! So happy you're getting to see and hear and do wonderful stuff. Thanks for sharing the Loons who've I heard in the wild but have yet to see! So is the kayak Ruby or the car? I always thought Ruby was the car.
    Now that you're on your own do you ever let anyone know where you're going on your solo hikes? I love the solitude, but hope someone knows you're out there!

    1. I do love the beauty of Vermont. I'd like to hire you as my proofreader Jodee. I didn't notice my slip up. Ruby is the car. Not sure what in the world I was thinking but you are either the only one who read so closely or the only one who would mention it. So many thanks. I've changed it thanks to you. Actually I don't often let anyone know where I am. Being alone, there isn't anyone to notify though I suppose I could email Carrie. I do wear a Roadid bracelet and highly recommend them. I usually carry a phone but out here there is often not service.

  15. Beautiful photos. I'm glad you are having some fun.

    1. Thanks Flowergirl. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures and I'm definitely having fun.

  16. Loved the loon footage!! Was that a mating dance of some sort?

    1. Wish I could answer that question Lynn. The call was different than the normal Loon sort of haunting cooing but I don't know if he was showing off for her or not. It was great to see and I'm glad you liked it. I'd never seen that before in my times on ponds with Loons.

  17. Bummer about missing the big views on the Long Trail but it still looks spectacular. I always love your paddles, bonus seeing the Loons. Maybe it's my imagination, but are some of those bridges leaning a bit. Glad most of them have been preserved. So much water. I am a little jealous.

    1. It was a bummer Gaelyn but I defer happily to the Perigrins. So glad I can take you kayaking. Now if you'd just come a little closer I'd do it for real. If the bridges are leaning, in most cases it's the amateur photographer and I'm not surprised that a fantastic photographer such as yourself would notice. I'll try to pay more attention and straighten them up. Thanks for mentioning it.

  18. Vermont looks lovely. Funny thing, last time I commented, you were boiling hot and I was saying it is cool here. Now you are lovely and cool ... and we are baking hot!

  19. Your last comment must have been when I was in upstate New York and it was amazingly hot there. Sorry to hear you've got the heat now

  20. We've hiked different portions of the Long Trail over the years, our home town had one of the high peaks on the LT in it. We've been treated by the same Loon show when we've been out on the ponds\smaller lakes. Don't know where you're heading for August but if you're not staying near the Stowe or Montpelier area then make sure to take a day trip to the area, one of the most interesting thing is Hope Cemetery, the headstones are made by granite artisans and are unique.

  21. Beautiful hike, water, and bridges. Love seeing the loons!!


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