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March 2020: Anastasia and Its Market

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Anastasia State Park,
Kathryn Abbey Hanna County Park Jacksonville, FL

IMG_3244 (2)

March arrives and I’m still at Gamble Rogers enjoying ocean front sunrises.

Each sunrise is a little bit different.  Sometimes the shrimp boats are out with their lights.




IMG_3270On the 4th I move just 33 miles up the road to Anastasia State Park in St. Augustine.

Here the campground is a bit of a distance from the beach but it’s a good daily walk for me though some people bike or drive their cars.

I usually choose a site in the smaller and older circle of campsites but I wasn’t able to get one there this time.  I’m quite happy with the easy to back into and large site I’ve picked.

Every day I walk over to the beach with my chair, a towel, a book and water.  I’m weaning myself away from the ocean a bit at a time before going inland and north.  There are several entrances to the beach, this one has a long boardwalk to protect the dunes.


I step off the boardwalk onto powdery white sand.


Unlike Gamble Rogers, the beach here is much wider and goes on for miles without any commercial activity. 


I turned my chair around for a minute to take this picture with the ocean in the background.

IMG_3292 (2)

Lots of shells here.

IMG_3310One of the things I do while here is to get some contacts for having Winnona detailed at my next stop which is not a state park.  State Parks do not allow washing of rigs.   I am becoming more and more worried about these gray spots on Winnona.  They started perhaps 18 months ago in the midst of David’s decline and though I have washed the rig since, I have had  no luck in getting them out.  They have really increased since that time.  If any of you have solutions for this PLEASE let me know.  I’m ready to try anything.   Having her painted just isn’t in my budget but she’s beginning to look shabby at least to me.



Another thing I need is a haircut.  Those are a bit tricky to get on the road although you’d think for the many times I’ve been in these Florida State Parks I would have discovered some place that can do a good job with fast growing thick hair.


One afternoon I make sweet potato fries in the microwave, no oil but light and crunchy.  They are fantastic.  What a glutton I am, I eat two entire potatoes worth.


IMG_3327Anastasia State Park abuts the St Augustine Amphitheater which makes it easy to walk over for Saturday night concerts, which politely end at 10:00, and also easy to walk over to the Saturday morning Farmer’s Market which runs from 8:30am to 12:30. 

I always try to make sure my reservation includes at least one Saturday just for this.  Seriously easy grocery shopping.  As you can see it’s packed.

The vendors set up on tables, in vans, trucks, buses, and trailers selling produce, baked goods, seafood, take away foods, arts and crafts, clothing.  Just about anything you can imagine.





About midway along the parking lot road used for the market is the entrance to the Amphitheater and in its courtyard there is always music and folks who bring their chairs to listen.  Free concerts with your shopping.  How fine is that?


On my way back out to the market I spotted this fella’s hat and loved it.  He was happy to allow me a picture though I didn’t ask him to move to eliminate the shadow on his face.  I think hats like this one and some others I can think of would be great for the  incumbent’s opponent.  How about make American Kind Again?  Or maybe even Make America Smart Again.


One of my favorite stands sells African foods.  This is the back of their trailer.


At the front, it’s doing a great business.


IMG_3349Every vegetable stand seems to call my name.  Now that I’m cooking only for one it is very easy for me to buy more produce than I can eat before it goes bad.  Never a problem when David was here.  He could pack it away.  I sure miss him, every day and every where.

Doesn’t it look fresh and delicious?


There are plenty of other things to choose from once you’ve picked up your produce.


I managed to get this picture when no one was at The Shrimp Guys who bring their shrimp right in off the shrimp boats I see off shore.


Orchids anyone?


Or something from The Honey Truck?


Perhaps local probiotics?  pickles, krauts of all kinds including beet, hummus.


And of course for lovers of “the evil brew” as my friend Paul Dahl and I refer to it,  there is gourmet coffee.  One of David’s favorite vans, the Grower’s Alliance provides just what he loved, bakery and coffee.


Today my favorite booth is this printmaker’s.   She does beautiful work and I can watch her working there at the table off to the left.


She draws the design and then cuts it into the printer mats.  Very detailed and all hand done. 



Today this one really catches my fancy but I’m no longer acquiring things, even things as special and wonderful as this.

I do read this article about her and her work.  She is quite an artist.  Her name is Nicola Barsaleau.   You can find a link to her website with more information about her and her work, here.



In some markets I have attended, much of the produce seems to be coming from wholesalers, like those selling the Florida Oranges here today.  But the majority seem to be small individual growers.  I really prefer to patronize them having been one myself in my earlier life though I only sold our eggs and excess organic produce to friends and co-workers.


I spent several hours at the market and every time I walked by this stand there was a line.  I should have tried some to see why it is so popular.


I love the trucks – honey and blooms.


I’ve had a great morning and controlled my purchases thankfully.

I have two more days before I’m heading out.  I’ve only booked Anastasia for 5 days.  I’m amazed I could get the week-end.  I have a routine for set up and take down that I do each time I move which includes checking all 10 tires with my TPMS.  Today it shows that some are low so I get out the compressor and give them a little boost.   It takes much longer to do everything when there is only one person doing it.  And it’s not nearly as much fun.

My last stop before leaving Florida is a park new to me, the Jacksonville City park Kathryn Abbey Hanna which others have told me is a great place.  So I’ve booked two weeks there in order to get Winnona’s exterior taken care of and check out their beach and the area.   That’s next post.


  1. The market looks wonderful! I wish there was one close by us in Florida like that. I hope you're doing well! We made it to Wyoming fine, no troubles at all finding campgrounds and fuel.

    1. Thanks for your comment Karen. I'm really glad to see that you were able to make it from Florida to Wyoming with no troubles finding campgrounds. Wyoming sounds like such a wonderfully cool place to be for the summer.

    2. Great news Al and Karen...been thinking about you two and wondering how you made out. Now...hope you get to head to Alaska!!! If not, as Sherry said..."Such a Wonderfully cool place to be for the summer!!"

  2. We've only stayed at Anastasia once. However, the market wasn't open or it was very limited when we were there. I really enjoyed the tour...wonderful produce!!! You look great airing up those tires:o)))

    1. Glad you liked the tour. Not sure how anyone can look great airing up tires. :-)

  3. Love seeing you sitting in a chair at the beach. One of our favorite places too. Just look at you...getting that compressor going and adding air to the tires. I know you think of David every time you do one of these tasks. I too would have been right alongside him enjoying an evil brew and a pastry. So glad you have these memories tucked away in your heart. I see Celia had her 4th birthday. She is such a cutie. Maybe one day she can take a short camping trip with you in Winnona. Hope you are successful in your quest to get Winnona free of her spots. The fresh produce market looks soooo inviting!!

    1. I can't wait until Celia can come along. Assuming the state and national parks open back up while I'm still able to do this. Her birthday was last Tuesday and she is just a riot. I'll have a post on it in not too terribly long actually. Thanks for the comment.

  4. I'll bet that guacamole stand was giving away free samples!

    1. You may well be right Rob. I didn't brave the crowd to find out.

  5. We always had good luck with Meguier's Car Wash Products in conjunction with microfiber towels. I'm really thinking that should buff right out. Wishing you all the best.

  6. Thanks Janice, I think we've tried that but I'll check my stock of products which is huge and if not, I'll look into getting some.

  7. I liked the way the one vendor had the asparagus standing up next to the broccoli. That market looked really fun and so many choices! So much nicer than shopping in a store. That print was perfect for you. Love the sunrises. I'm too lazy to ever get up and see one.

    1. Hey Pam - the market was really fun and is SO much nicer than stores. You can see who is growing what you are eating and talk to them. You aren't too lazy, you just go to bed too late.

  8. Replies
    1. Hi John, good to hear from you again. I think there are a lot of similar hats to be created.

  9. Maybe the guacamole stand was so crowded because people were trying to flush out the taste of that evil liquid they had previously consumed. :cD

    No idea what the spots are, I have been working on removing the large Diamond Shield plastic covering the front of the Journey because the glue underneath has grown mold. It is a massive time consuming process and I still have one more large area to get off. Hopefully that isn't what Winnona has.

    It may be a pain, but keeping the tires up to proper pressures sure beats a flat or a blowout. Tires cost too much to not keep a close eye on them. I replaces all the Journey's tires this past year. It kills me to see how much perfectly good tread is on them but they aged out. Ouch! ;c)

    1. Wish it was a diamond shield rather than something no one seems to have any idea how to get rid of. I'd love to do full body paint but the cost is heart attack producing. I know what you mean about aging out tires rather than wearing them out. But safety first! I sure don't want a blow out.

  10. I am sure missing the farmers' markets and the sweet potato fries look so good. I may try that this week.

    1. I'm missing the markets too now and I know the growers are missing us. Do try the fries. They are yummy.

  11. If your hair isn't driving you crazy, let it grow. It looks very nice on you.

    1. Thanks Flower Girl, I do think it is lovely hair and so thick but I feel like I'm getting too old for it. It's really hot on my head in the summer.

  12. The farmers market looks great. I always enjoy a good market. Over here it has just been announced that outside markets can start up from next week, so our growers will at last be able to sell their produce.

    1. How wonderful for you Michele to be able to stroll through the market and bring home the beautiful produce.

  13. What a fun market!! Music, food & art. Love the beach pictures too. We're missing the ocean. Nice hat!! I like your suggestions also.

    1. Thanks Carrie. It is a wonderful market and one of the best things about staying at this park other than the wide ocean beach.

  14. What an awesome farmers market, sorely lacking a decent farmers market in this area of IL. Hopefully you've been able to figure out the black spots and have gotten them eradicated.

    1. No such luck with the spots Faye. I'm at my wits end about it. No one seems to have any idea what to do. I can't believe I'm the only one with an older rig that has this trouble with the fiberglass. How I wish I had full body paint.

  15. I enjoyed all the pictures. Makes you miss the fact that we can't go to markets like we did before the pandemic. Things are opening up, if only people would stay safe. Must be very frustrating about those black spots.someone must know what you can do about it. Can you find anything online?

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the pictures Lynne. I have asked everybody. I have searched online. I have tried all suggestions thus far. I just don't know what to do about the black spots. I think I need perhaps a marine detailer since these are on fiberglass. But there's no such thing as anyone who knows anything about RV's around Charlottesville.I

  16. Oh, your photos make me miss farmers' markets SO MUCH! I can't help but wonder if we will ever again be able to enjoy those kinds of gatherings. But I can't think about it too much or it makes me too sad right now.
    I would have been tempted by those beautiful woodblock prints, too. I still collect little treasures like that in our travels as long as I can find a place for them. It's a good thing our trailer has lots of wall space. :-)

    1. My photos make me miss them too. And I wonder the same thing, will we ever be able to safely do any of the sorts of things we used to do in large groups. Perhaps in a few years after there is a vaccine. Provided there isn't another mutant virus that shows up.

  17. What a wonderful farmer's market. We have a few here in Salinas, small ones, which is odd for such a huge produce area. I feel your pain on the haircut. Of course haven't had one for at least 10 weeks or more. I did trim my bangs and up over my ears :) That orchid you took a picture of is the exact same one our neighbor brought us when Mom passed. How cool :)

  18. It really is a wonderful Farmers Market Laurie. Makes me almost wish I could spend months at Anastasia just to enjoy it. What a sweet gift in memory of your mother.

  19. what a lovely market.. will we? hope we! can get back to this... and not feel as if you are spreading or getting something disasterous (sp) Have been worried what you are doing during this time... and how it affected your travels or sitting in one place?? Take Care.....

    1. My next post will tell you what happened to me at the beginning of this pandemic and where I am now. Thanks for your comment Loree.

  20. I understand about weaning off a landscape, but for me it's the Sonoran Desert. How I wish for a farmers market and fresh produce that's not 2 hours away. And music would be the icing on the cake. That print is marvelous but I don't collect any more either.

  21. Oh how I miss the markets! Ours have reopened this week but I'm not ready to expose Bill to what I could bring back from all those people. Love the white truck and their pretty display! I so admire you doing all the set up and take down and taking the time to do it right. And crow bars and blocks on the side of the road!! Dang girl, you're amazing. We all need that guy's hat!


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